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For Caregivers

We understand, we do. This is why we are happy to offer a cost-free supportive space tailored to parents and caregivers of neurodivergent children.

These relaxing times have been created to nurture caregiver connections, share experiences, and grow alongside one another both in the studio and hopefully in the world as well. 
Our group facilitators carry vast experience in their own lives as well as deep sense of empathy and understanding.  

We are just as happy to meet you as you are to join a compassionate community! 

Whether you need advice, companionship, or a brief escape from the daily hustle, our group is here for you.

Though this is a cost-free time of community, we ask for registration so that we know how to best prepare the studio. We meet monthly on the third Monday of each month. 


We're always open to class or program ideas or suggestions. Please fill out our contact form and send your great idea to us! 

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