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We offer two main ways for young artists who identify as neurodivergent to get involved with the studio: weekly Creative Hub in Grand Rapids, MI Programming, designed specifically with young artists in mind, and general Community Studio Programming with the assistance of a trained volunteer art mentor. 

Creative Hub In Grand Rapids, MI Programming:  These classes and creative opportunities are designed with neurodivergent artists in Grand Rapids, MI, in mind.  Most of this programming will take place on Sunday afternoons, Mondays, and Tuesdays, starting in the Fall of 2024. Our program manager will contact you upon registration to discuss and create any plan desired for accommodations.  See the list of current classes and studio times below.

Community Studio Programming with Support:  All are welcome to join! This programming is, as all offerings -- made up of mixed neuro-profile and operates more like an inclusion-style classroom in Grand Rapids, MI.  This is general programming that is open to any and every one the rest of the days of the week during the daytime homeschool and after-school art classes.

If a neurodivergent artist in Grand Rapids, MI is interested in participating in any of the programs at the studio, they are welcome to and can always request additional support from one of our trained volunteer art mentors (provided for free based on availability).

Our full line up of programs and classes will be available soon. In the meantime, you're invited to our launch party and we would love for you to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and or sign up for our newsletter so you're informed when classes become available.

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