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Children who are standing in a circle with hands covered in red, purple, and blue paint.  I'm An Artist Community Hub


In early  2023, a woman and her son stepped through the doors of I'm An Artist: Community Studio. The mother mentioned to Jantje Jensen, the studio's founder, that it was their first time venturing out of the house in a while. As the little boy roamed freely around the studio, he was drawn to some colorful beads and started describing them. His mother, amazed, mentioned it was the first time he had spoken in months. In that moment, Jantje recognized the profound impact of a creative and welcoming environment where everyone is embraced and appreciated.

Similar stories followed, inspiring Jantje to dedicate a portion of her studio space and programming hours to create a not-for-profit therapeutic and supportive space for neurodivergent children to explore and express their creativity through art. As Jantje connected with other community members who are passionate about making creative experiences more accessible in innovative ways — parents, volunteers, and art therapists — 'I'm An Artist: Creative Hub' was born.   Together, we are determined to foster a nurturing environment where all children can fully explore and engage with art. In addition to supporting young artists, we desire to create a space for parents to connect, share, collaborate, and nurture a vibrant community.  We are holistically an inclusive space in all that we do. Whether through our traditional studio programming or Creative Hub, every aspect  of what we do is open to all. 

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