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Summer Camps

Join us for a fun, educational, and artistic summer camp experience where neurodivergent children can embrace creativity, make new friends, and develop skills. Creative Hub mini-summer camp sessions with run on Mondays for 3 weeks for each topic. There will be an AM session and a PM session based on age. There will be volunteer art mentors on-site to help with making the studio experience more accessible.  

MORNING SESSION: Ages 7-10 | Mondays 10am - 12pm

AFTERNOON SESSION: Ages 11-13 | Mondays 1pm - 3pm


Ages 7-10 | Mondays 10am - 12pm

Ages 11-13 | Mondays 1pm - 3pm

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We provide youth programming for ages 3-16, ages 16+, as well as family times, community caregiver meetings, and volunteer opportunities. 


We're always open to class or program ideas or suggestions. Please fill out our contact form and send your great idea to us! 

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